The Seeker

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Producer, Composer, Singer: Nirvana Nirvan
Featured musician: Richard Roberts , Consertmaster of OSM
Arrangements by: Michael Vickerage, Nirvana Nirvan
Lyrics by: Shokouh Razi

By listening to this mp3 album, with no doubt you will discover a very unique type of peace that you have never felt before; a kind of peace that you can not find in any place! Try and experience for yourself!

Tracks Play Duration Price Lyrics Download
01   Jostejoogar (The Seeker)
7:08 $3.49 View
02   Darkoobeh (The door-knock)
4:41 $2.49 View
03   Khod Efshaaie (Self-Disclosure)
6:30 $2.49 View
04   Baazaar-e Jesm (Bazaar of Desires)
6:09 $2.49 View
05   Baaz Ashenaayee (Re-acquaintance)
5:31 $2.49 View
06   Eshgh dar sarashibiye yek hadese (Love on the downhill of an occurrence)
7:40 $3.49 View

Dear Friends....

Thank you for visiting my page. 

دوستان عزیز به صفحهء دلپدیدار (نیروانا نیروان) خوش آمدید

My first album, Jostejoogar (The Seeker), contains 6 tracks. Each track is between 5 to 8 minutes. The lyrics are selected from the poem book of Jaavedaaneh-ha (The Eternals) which is written by Shokouh Razi, my beloved mother. 


اولین آلبوم من، جستجوګر، حاوی ۶ آهنګ است. هر کدام از آهنګ ها بین ۵ تا ۸ دقیقه میباشد. شعرهای این آلبوم برګزیده شده اند از کتاب جاودانه ها به نویسندګی شکوه راضی، مادر عزیزم 

I started to create this album in May 2010. After 28 months, I am pleased to announce the digital release of my album  my first album. Hope you enjoy the music. 

این آلبوم رو من در سال ۲۰۱۰ شروع کردم که بعد از ۲۸ ماه تلاش موفق شدم که ورژن دیجیتال آلبوم رو به مرحلهء نهایی برسونم. امیدوارم که از شنیدن این آهنګ ها لذت ببرید